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Unitechecon Construction Company has a wide experience in handling various developmental and infrastructural projects & that strives to make your dream house, place pr dream project into reality. We develop and construct low and high cost housing projects with the same attention and dedication.

We tackle the various projects for, commercial building construction and we endeavor to develop benchmark in the excellence of providing quality services for construction, real estate, and construction management etc. Over the experience of decades, company has been attaining the appreciative support of clients who are genuinely satisfied with the quality and quantity of our services. Through the disciplinary and allegiant approach, company aims to establish itself as a globally reputed building Construction Company who takes responsibilities for providing innovative and designed building construction service.

Unitechecon Construction Company is a one-stop service center that provides all kinds of facilities and steps in house construction, ranged from advice and consultancy on , type of house, application for construction permit, request for water supply and power supply, request for residence number, to overall construction superintendence, including after sale service. These are for the good-looking and qualified houses of our customers, and for their better living in residence as well. We, Unitechecon Construction, are not merely responsible for construction but we care our customers' feelings too.

Our service principle is to satisfy our customer with giving precision, in every procedure and saving clients' precious time by using only 6 months in construction under company's standard. Our clients will have quality house on time as they require and with complete services.

  • Commercial building construction
  • Construction management
  • Consultancy
  • After sale service

Polished Concrete

We are specialized on Polished Concrete Floors

Why Polish Concrete Floor

Concrete has long been known for its durability and cost-saving features. With modern technologies, homeowners and business owners are finding they can harness these advantages of concrete in their floor along with many other added benefits. Polished concrete is a popular alternative to other flooring materials because of three noteworthy benefits: lower total cost, lower maintenance, and aesthetics.

Polished concrete floors are very economical. Unlike many other floor surface materials, a polished concrete floor can last up to ten years or longer before it needs to be refinished. Maintenance on a polished floor is also minimal, thereby reducing costs associated with keeping floors clean, durable, and traffic-friendly.

Where we can use polished concrete

Polished concrete’s superior durability and performance have made it a top finish for retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, and municipalities. Homeowners, as well, are selecting these smooth, high-luster floors that imitate the look of polished stone.

How it looks like

Polished concrete floors are striking in appearance. The exposure of the aggregate in the concrete unveils a look of stone. There are a variety of colors available on the market to stain or in some other way modify the color and look of the polished floor. There are also various levels of sheen depending on the degree of reflectivity and shine that is desired.

Can All Concrete Be Polished

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions.

For new floors, no special mix design is required to achieve good results. However, the floor should be in place at least 28 days before polishing begins to ensure adequate curing. Some retail and warehouse facilities that plan to polish their floors after placement may specify the installation of as smooth a floor as possible to minimize the polishing steps required.

What is the process?

The process begins with the use of diamond segments bonded in a metallic matrix. These segments are enough to remove minor pits, blemishes, stains, or light coatings from the floor in preparation for final smoothing. Depending on the condition of the concrete, this initial rough grinding is generally a three- to four-step process.

The next steps involve fine grinding of the concrete surface using diamond abrasives embedded in a plastic or resin matrix. For an extremely high-gloss finish, a final grit of 1500 or finer may be used. Experienced polishing crews know when to switch to the next-finer grit by observing the floor surface and the amount of material being removed.

During the polishing process an internal impregnating sealer is applied. The sealer sinks into the concrete and is invisible to the naked eye. It not only protects the concrete from the inside out, it also hardens and densifies the concrete.

Is Polished Concrete Slippery

When polished concrete is kept clean and dry, they are typically no slicker than regular concrete surfaces. And they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble. It's comparable to the garage floor in your home.

How Do I Maintain Polished Concrete?

Routine maintenance for polished floors consists of daily dust mopping to remove dirt and grime accumulation that can abrade the surface of polished concrete. Frequent wet mopping is also needed.

Although only clean water can be used, you'll have greater success using a floor cleaner to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed.

Our Services

  • Commercial building construction
  • Construction management
  • Consultancy
  • After sale service

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  • New Build Homes
  • Specialists in 2 – Story & Single story
  • Refurbishments
  • Plans Drawn & Approved
  • Carpentry & Wood works
  • Ground works & Landscaping
  • Kitchen & Pantry units
  • Estimation  ⁄  BOQ
  • Electrical installation  ⁄  Plumbing work
  • Water proofing work
  • Painting
  • Mobile maintenance service

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